Virtual Representation

Eerie Resemblance Between 1775 And The United States Today

Virtual Representative (standing, clad in brown) gives the Government (with blunderbuss) permission to rob a colonist. Catholic Quebec enjoys peace, Protestant Boston burns, and blinded Britannia approaches a pit. 1775 cartoon

The similarities between the events leading up to the American Revolution and current conditions we are forced to endure today are astounding.  This country has either completely forgotten the meaning of despotism, or we actually covet being slaves to our government.  Liberty and tyranny are mutually exclusive, and they appear poised for their first intense skirmish in nearly 250 years.

The cartoon above could certainly be interpreted many different ways, but we are the colonist (#5) in every version.  When viewed through a modern lens with consideration to the general sentiment of the colonists on April 1st 1775, it would be difficult to claim history is not repeating itself.  Let’s apply new labels to the original cartoon.

1.   Jackboot Enforcement Agents- IRS, OSHA, EPA, FBI, CDC, ETC.


2.  Propaganda Ministry – MSM, Big Tech, Social Media


3.  Helpless Victims – Welfare recipients and others dependent on the system


4. Government – The politicians that claim to represent us, and the federal departments they control appointments to


5.  (We)The People – Average Americans excluded from the Elite and Ruling Class


6. False Patriots – Vocal sympathizer hiding behind us with their hand in our pocket.


7. Supreme Court – Intentionally blinded by political motivation


8. Dystopian Socialist Society – Inhabited by slaves, governed by despot ruling class.


9. Constitutional Republic – Can’t be saved.  Must rebuild in the ashes

The government is using loyalist jackboots, in the defense of the helpless, with the narrative controlled by the media. The helpless believe the government is on their side, and will continue to vote for the elite ruling class, because that’s all they are allowed to know. The regular citizen gets a shakedown by the ruthless thugs while their right to privacy has been forfeited to the tech industry, and the only people to come to our defense are scavenger pickpockets that hide behind us until they can exploit their next victim. The last group with any authority to put an end to the tyranny is the Supreme Court, who wouldn’t even take of their partisan blindfold to avoid falling into a deep dark hole. The Dystopian Socialist Society, that all but The People desired, has been constructed in a fortified manner, and the despotic rulers have concluded it is time to burn the last vestiges of this once great Republic.

Don’t forget how timeless the word Virtual has recently become.

To Be Continued…

Old North Bridge – Concord, Massachusetts