America Is On the Brink Of A Domestic War

Are we facing a Civil War, a Revolution, Repelling an Invasion, or something entirely new.

We, as a nation, are no strangers to war. Our involvement in armed conflicts around the globe over the last several decades will seem like minor disagreements in comparison to the war that is about to take place. The United States, as it exists today, will perish.

Tensions have been rapidly increasing since the 2016 election cycle. Our populace is evenly divided along party lines, and vehemently entrenched in their unwillingness to compromise. Our government has categorically isolated itself from The People in order to consolidate power and wealth, and by propagating eternal discord, most have been too preoccupied to notice the transition from citizen, to slave.

What would a war achieve

The type of war we are heading towards today, may be described very differently after the dust settles. We are without clearly identifiable, traditional enemies. No uniforms, no physical line being fought over, no rules of engagement. History can only be written by the winners.

A Revolution would be an attempt to fundamentally alter or abolish an existing system of government, often resulting in the creation of a new nation. A failed revolution will likely be remembered as an attempted coup or rebellion.

Civil War is a desire to save or restore a divided country. Fighting occurs domestically, and the causes of the war are generally without external influence. One side may wish to force change, while another covets traditions.

We are not defending against an invasion, because the enemy is already within. That leaves us with a purely ideological conflict, manufactured by the government, and antagonized by the media.

Divide and Control

Crime and physical violence are a consequence of the breakdown of society. People have chosen lawlessness over civility, and divisiveness over reconciliation. It is remarkable this hasn’t escalated beyond recent levels.

We are led to believe that it is important to find unity in the smallest possible segment we can carve out from the larger population. Everyone feels obligated to recognize and feign empathy when there is even the most remote chance an injustice was due to someone’s inclusion in an underprivileged group.

As long as these smaller groups remain severed from the whole, there will always be ways to trigger them with just a subtle hint of discrimination or inequality. We allow ourselves to be further divided by our associations to race, religion, gender, wealth, etc., and now – vaccination status.

This is a psychological operation designed by our government, and orchestrated by the media and big tech.

America, Awake!

We will soon be manipulated to act beyond the physical violence that can be witnessed today, and be thrust into small armed engagements, primarily around cities, every time some group feels they need to redress even a minor perceived injustice. This will be a very disturbing time in America.

Federal, state, and local resources will be overwhelmed at first as they try to deal with the chaos, but will eventually retreat back to defensive positions in an effort to protect powerful people, and absolutely critical infrastructure.

This phase must go on for whatever period necessary to allow the people to recognize they were beguiled by their government into savage warfare against their kin. Once this connection is made, all active combatants will be joined by countless men who tried to avoid the fighting by laying low and hoping to endure the pain until the situation improves.

The Results of the Conflict

Now standing together, at war with a single, common enemy, the fighting is intensified. The government will resort to using weapons and tactics on American citizens, that no other nation has encountered.

Several years will pass before the war begins to die down. The people will not give up, and the government won’t accept defeat. The efforts will gradually start to shift from combat, to healing and rebuilding. It will eventually fade into a tacit stalemate.

Both sides will be left with a newfound respect for each other, but preserve the knowledge that the war never ended. The previous conditions will reverse somewhat – The government will fear the people, and average people will be able to participate in their government.

Without a truce or a clear victor, the tension will never subside, and America will find that it can only be at its greatest once it accepts that America Is On The Brink Of A Domestic War.

What kind of war will we have?